Top Free Android Apps

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

If you’re having difficulty sorting through the jumble of choices on the Android Marketplace, the following list of free, must-have Android apps will keep you productive, healthy and entertained.

1) CardioTrainer

cardiotrainer logo

Exercise enthusiasts have a simple method of tracking fitness routes, steps taken and calories burned with CardioTrainer. The app uses GPS to track your location and movements on a map, giving runners, walkers and even horseback riders accurate information on workouts. A Track History option allows you to follow your progress on previous workouts. There is even an option for linking to your Facebook account, letting friends know you ran 15 miles last weekend, for example. Click Here

2) LightSaber

lightsaber app logo

Although the LightSaber app provides no practical purpose, the entertainment value is priceless. Battle your colleagues between cubicles and embrace your geeky persona. Select your favorite Star Wars character from a menu that includes Master Yoda and Darth Vader. A light saber appears on the screen, complete with sound effects.

The LightSaber sound effects follow your movements as you swing and jab the faux light saber, or cell phone, in the air. Turn on the soundtrack effect for motivating Star Wars background music. Click Here

3) Pandora

pandora logo

Cell phone users with an unlimited data plan benefit most from the Android Pandora app. Stream popular music directly from your cell phone. Log in to access customized stations set up from the web site, or create your own stations directly on the Pandora app.

No need to carry an iPod or pay for music downloads. Simply input your favorite bands or songs into Pandora, and the app creates station customized to your tastes. Click Here

4) ShopSavvy

shopsavvy barcode scanner logo

In the spirit of budget-friendly apps, ShopSavvy is the ideal app for the frugal consumer.  Simply scan the UPC bar code with a cell phone camera and ShopSavvy points you to the best deal.

The app lists prices from online sources, as well as local shops in your vicinity. Other features include product reviews, price alerts and a wish list.

Task KillerConserve your phone’s memory and efficiency with Task Killer. The app terminates unwanted applications and processes running in the background. Open Task Killer and a list of running applications pops up with green check boxes.

Un-check any applications you wish to continue running and hit the “Kill selected apps” button. Available memory is shown at the top of the Task Killer application. Click Here