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Tips for better smartphone camera photography

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Smartphone cameras do not offer the quality that dedicated cameras do. You always have a smartphone camera on hand, though – in perpetual readiness to capture important events as they happen.

“You do need to master this tool. These tips should help.”

1) The zoom

Most smartphones only have digital zoom (there being no room in a slim phone enclosure for a lens array). Digital zooms only distort your picture. It is usually smart, then, to resolve to lay off camera zooms altogether. If you need better detail, walk in closer.

2) The lighting

Smartphone cameras only have tiny sensors to capture light with. Tiny phone LED flashes don’t help much, either. All this translates to poor low light capabilities on smartphones. For reasonable results, you must try to arrange good external lighting for your low light shots.

3) The exposure

You could greatly help the quality of your smartphone shots if you spent time obtaining the perfect focus and exposure each time. ProCamera is a special photography app that allows discrete focus and exposure settings. Use such apps for precise control.

4) The filter

Even if your apps do give you many filter choices, these are generally for novelty rather than beautiful photography. Go for the best possible photo with an eye for artistry and basic attention to detail. An inferior photo cannot be fixed with filters.

Photography is an art – even if these digital toys take attention away from this fact. The artistry of a picture is still what people look for. Since smartphone cameras are less capable than full-sized cameras, you need to compensate with artistry. You must pay attention to being observant and spontaneous.  Practice often enough and these qualities will be a part of you.

Thinking about photography can help, too. Great amateurs look at other people’s shots for inspiration. Looking at masterly photography gives them ideas for potential shots. Keep these ideas in mind and be ready with your camera on your person at all times. Your photographs will be better than anyone else’s.