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The most common cell phone annoyances

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Cell phones serve a useful purpose. If you’re stranded by the side of the road with a dead car, it’s reassuring to know you can pick up your handy cell phone and get help quickly. But, unfortunately, some people are becoming a bit overzealous in their cell phone use to the point where they’re disrupting the lives of others.

Here are some of the most common cell phone annoyances and irritants

  • Cell phone annoyance: Talking too loud

People are often in a world of their own when they have a cell phone clutched in their hand. There’s nothing more annoying than a loud cell phone conversation interspersed with high pitched laughter coming from the table beside you in a restaurant. So much for that relaxing meal. You can only pray that the cell phone’s battery runs out before you finish your chicken parmigiana.

  • Cell phone annoyance: Driving while talking

Drivers everywhere have suddenly decided that drive time is a great opportunity to catch up on unnecessary telephone conversations. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in the left lane behind a minivan going ten miles under the speed limit so the driver can chatter away on her cell phone?  Even more annoying is being stopped behind someone at a red light who doesn’t see the light change she’s so wrapped up in her conversation. When are they going to ban cell phone use in cars anyway?

  • Cell phone annoyance: Exposing your personal life

When you’re talking on your cell phone in public, it’s probably not the best time to talk about your latest pap smear results, your debilitating episode of diarrhea last night, or your last run in with the law. Even more importantly, it’s bad form to gossip about people by name especially if you live in a small town. At least find a quiet corner to carry on these types of conversations and keep your voice low.

  • Cell phone annoyance: Talking on a cell phone in line

It must be frustrating to work in a store and have someone park themselves in front of the register to pay with a cell phone in hand. It’s just as annoying to be behind such a person in line. You’re forced to watch helplessly while the clerk twiddles her thumbs waiting for the cell phone conversation to end so she can ring up the purchase. It’s amazing that more strangulations don’t occur at check out counters. Cashiers and retail store workers are showing admirable restraint these days.

  • Cell phone annoyance: Those annoying ringtones

It seems that everyone you go these days there isn’t a moment’s peace from the incessant chirping, buzzing, and other annoying rhythms emanating from ringing cell phones. Even the ill get no reprieve as the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices vibrate with cell phone noise. Maybe someone needs to remind these cell phone users that most phones have a silent, vibrational mode so that others don’t have to be disturbed.

Yes, cell phones are a fact of life, but if you’re going to use this marvel of the modern age, at least do it politely and with a little common sense. No one will be worse the wear for not missing your witty cell phone talk.