The Malata A1011 Android Tablet aka Flatpad A10T, LuvPad AD100, e-noa Interpad, Hanspree – Snappiness starts at 400$

Some months ago, the Malata A1011 had been revealed to the public. A tablet that created a lot of buzz when it was spotted for the first time. As we wait on the Malata A1011 to come to a store in our region, several companies announced a tablet that seems to be a rebranded Malata A1011. This leads to the assumption that Malata will not sell them directly under their brand. The Re-brands of the Malata A1011 I found until now are: The Interpad from e-Noa (planned: Autumn 2010 for 399€ / 530$) in Germany, the LuvPad AD100 from Mouse Computer (planned: End of September for 39’800 Yen / 470$) in Japan, the Flatpad A10T from Flatcomputing (planned: unknown for 399$) in the US and even the 500$ Hannspree tablet, I reviewed some weeks ago, seems to be the same device, beside of a little changed button design.

This is how Malata presents it on their website:

We know that the company behind this tablet is Malata. Their production lines run under the name Wanlida, so the A1011 is sometimes also called Wanlida A1011 or Malata ZPad (maybe that was the earlier version of the same device also called Malata SMB-A1002) or also Samsun A1011 or the (not Samsung – I don’t know who’s brand Samsun is, but I am not amazed anymore at these rebranding wonders)

And here are the rebranded devices. They look very similar don’t they?



Let’s leave the rebranding issue behind and have a look at the specs, because these are really interesting:

Specs Malata SMB-A1011
ProcessorARM A9 Cortex Dual Core 1Ghz / Nvidia Tegra 2 with 3D acceleration / GPU Flash 10 acceleration
RAM512MB or 1GB
Screen10,1-Inch / capacitive / multitouch / LCD / 1024×600
Storage2-32GB built-in Flash memory / micro SD card
A/V InputMicrophone input / 1.3MP/5MP Webcam optional
A/V OutputMini HDMI out / 1 Watt loudspeaker / headphones /
NetworkWifi 802.11 b/g/n / Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
ConnectorsMini USB / Mini HDMI / 3.5mm audio jack (headphones)
Battery3500mAh Lithium-Polymer / 8 hrs battery life
ExtrasAndroid 2.2 (Flash 10.1) / 1080p HD Video / micro SD slot
Size and Weight253 x 164 x 12.5mm (L x B x H) / 790 gram (size details on the Malata website seem to be faulty)
Price Range400-530$ depending on distributor and options


These are the specifications as Malata lists on their website. Malata had their device on display at the Computex 2010 in Taiwan and it has been spotted on several other occasions. Jon from had a closer look at it. See his video here:

In another video from the booth hostess talks about a possibility to connect with 3G, but the specs do not list that anywhere – maybe it could be possible through the USB connector – theoretically ;).

You see the device is pretty snappy. That’s the reason why it is already well known in the gadget observer scene. But it has only be seen at electronic fairs. Until now, no review of a Malata or a rebranded A1011 has been spotted. Most of the distributors of the rebranded devices say that it is available in Autumn 2010. So we could see it pretty soon. But as usual, we have to be very careful with such announcements.

It wouldn’t be the first Android tablet to die while waiting to be in our hands… By the way, what happened to the cool ICD Android tablets?