Shooting Ranges in Houston

Shooting ranges in the Greater Houston area offer indoor and/or outdoor shooting experiences.  Each creates its own spin on weaponry through slogans, logos, classes and mission statements.  Most specialize in defensive skills. Shiloh-Shooting, an indoor range, is located in North Houston.  Its website plays a scare video showing an intruder skulking around a backyard at night.  The intruder breaks a window glass, waking up the sleeping occupants.


No worry, though, as the wife calmly picks up her rifle and blasts the intruder as he enters their bedroom.  She then thanks Shiloh-Shooting.  Shiloh, their website states, is the Hebrew word for “one who brings peace.”  Their focus is to support Second Amendment rights for all.  Their class schedule for Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Training is extensive.

Another indoor range is 360 Tactical Training located inside Beltway 8 on the west side of Houston.  Their cryptic slogan is “One Mind, Any Weapon.”  Their logo is the skull and crossbones.  Similarly, the focus of 360 Tactical Training is self-defense.  The class offerings include specialized firearms sessions for international and government use, ladies only, and executive.  Their website offers a news feed feature keeping readers current on firearm issues throughout the United States.  A recent post reveals the Arizona Senate gave preliminary approval for people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

The Hot Wells Shooting Range, an outdoor range, is located in the Northwest corridor of Houston.  This range sits on a property that once boasted a hot artesian well, an unintended discovery made by oil wildcatters.  The Hot Well Sanitarium and Hotel offered comfort to Houstonians who took the train from Houston to bathe in the mineral waters.

The hotel is gone, but concreted basins that held the water are still present on the site.  The website for Hot Wells Shooting Range is simple, offering a fired bullet that moves across the top of the page and explodes.  Hot Wells Shooting Range is home to Guardian Defensive Systems who provide classes for tactical shooting and for receiving a concealed handgun license.  Their focus is also on defensive training rather than target practice.

Shooting ranges offer the opportunity for information, experience and training on the use and handling of firearms. Both men and women, all experience levels, will feel welcome.  If the student is merely curious about guns, the instructors will tailor a lesson that exposes the student to types of guns, proper hand and body shooting position, and target practice with live ammunition.  Many gun enthusiasts use the shooting ranges to practice using their own guns and ammunitions.  All the shooting ranges emphasize safety.