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Several Ways Google Is Trying to Make Your Life Easier

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Google is such a force to be reckoned with in the Internet world that it has become a verb in and of itself. Since the early days of the World Wide Web, they have been an innovator in bringing user friendly technology straight to the user. Known primarily for their standard search, intricate map system, and comprehensive email client, Google regularly releases awesome features for the general public to fool around with. In case you haven’t been religiously reading their blog releases, here are a few neat things Google can do you may not have experienced yet.

Several Ways Google Is Trying to Make Your Life Easier

Typing certain queries into the Google search bar can bring back specialized results. For example, typing “define copious” will return a dictionary definition of the word as well as links to multiple dictionary sources. Typing simply “time” into the search bar will portray the current time in whatever time zone your IP address is registered in. The search bar can also be used as a basic calculator, converting a search for “9*8+11” into the answer “83.”

For the sports fan out there, checking the schedule and score of your favorite teams couldn’t be more of a breeze. Forget locating a team or league website and scrolling through menus and pages to find the details you seek, a search for “bears game” will bring you the next several games the Chicago Bears are scheduled to play, as well as the final scores of any recent games and the current score of a game being played live, if applicable.

Another series of Google features allows for conversion and translation between units and languages. For example, typing “convert 5 cups to ounces” into the search bar will display an input field allowing for an assortment of conversions with 40oz as the answer to the query. Furthermore, typing “translate pour me some tea into chinese” will return the appropriate hanzi and pinyin, or characters and pronunciation guide for laowai (try typing “translate 老外 to english” into Google to see what that means).

For movie fans, Google can bring up lists of movies with your favorite actor, as well as a quick bio. The actor information is simply ripped from their Wikipedia page but the assortment of films chosen is based on a complex algorithm factoring in release dates and popularity. It is also possible to sort by director sans the bio. Simply type “list of movies with Jude Law” or “movies directed by Guy Ritchie” into the search bar and let Google work its magic.

It’s amazing what the Google search bar is capable of. It is constantly being updated with new bells and whistles to bless the user with endless information in an easy to digest package. These features listed work on the website www.Google.com, any official Google search widget, the URL bar of the Chrome web browser, and can be accessed from even mobile devices with a Google search input option. Stay loyal to the search engine behemoth and be one of the first to notice whatever improvement they devise next.