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Several Ways Google Is Trying to Make Your Life Easier

Moving into the world of tomorrow, Google is consistently upgrading their services to better serve the user. However, much of their unique input technology is under-marketed despite Google´s huge grip on the internet marketing industry. Here are a few secrets to make your Google searching experience even better than it currently is.
Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

Android is one of the leading brands in smartphone operating system technology, and an increasing number of consumers are moving from their old phones to an Android phone. Android phones are known for being able to perform almost any task that you throw at it, but because of this it loses some ease of use. This article explains some ofthe key features of Android phones and what they are for.
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How to Protect Your Android Phone from Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses are increasingly common problems for Android users. They can be downloaded with legitimate applications, email attachments or files, and have the ability to cause serious damage to an Android device. Malware can also leave personal data vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves. Just a few precautionary steps can protect against malware and viruses.
What You Need to Know About the Android Phone

About the Android Phone

The Android phone is quickly becoming one of the most popular smartphone options. This article takes a look at the Android phone and what it has to offer consumers.
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How to Share Mobile Connection

A lot of Android users do not know that they could actually share their phone’s mobile data connection. The truth is they could actually rely on mobile data sharing especially when there is no available wireless internet connection.
Identity theft has exploded into a major problem. Whose responsibility is it to protect the consumer?

Who is responsible for identity theft?

Because recent reports confirm that personal information continues to fall into the wrong hands, consumers have become increasingly concerned about how companies handle their personal information. But consumers can only do so much; then it"s up to businesses to provide their customers with privacy policies that will ensure their information is handled appropriately and secured from the hands of would-be opportunists, as well as outright crooks. How can this be accomplished? As business owners, managers, or supervisors, we need to establish and enforce effective company privacy policies.
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4 Little Known Tips to Reduce Your Android Data Usage

This is a comprehensive guide that gives the average user a step by step guide on how to limit data usage. This guide goes over in detail what uses data, what does not use data and the key things to look out for in order to keep their data usage within their plan´s limits. No matter what carrier the reader has, no matter what the make/model of their Android device, this guide is relevant and easy to understand for anyone looking to keep themselves from going over theirdata plan.
Microsoft Office for Android or iOS Is Almost Here

Microsoft Office for Android or iOS Is Almost Here

In March 2013, Android and iOS smartphone userscan finally have Microsoft Office 2013 in their mobile devices. Office 2013 apps are caid to be underway for mobile phones and tablets. Pretty soon, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint can be used in mobile devices.
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Smartphone Buying Guide: buy the perfect phone

Buying a new smartphone can be an overwhelming task for the average shopper. This is a comprehensive guide to smartphone buying and gives the average person the knowledge they need to choose the perfect phone. This guide will walk you through the major differences between Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems, will help you choose the right manufacturer and how to find the best deals while keeping yourself protected.

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Your Android

Android mobile phones come with a range of useful features and applications. One of the most attractive features of the Android phone is its extensive integration with Google services and applications. With many people holding several different Google accounts, the ability to use multiple Google accounts is essential for Android users.