How to safely use downloaded android applications

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Keeping the Android smartphone free of malware is an important job for those who use this type of handset. Keeping on your toes is necessary to prevent the loss of personal information or money. This article covers getting to know more about downloaded apps and third party software that can be used to protect an Android smartphone.

How your smartphone is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep

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The modern world is one where most of us are completely immersed in technology, even when we’re asleep. However, while there is little doubt regarding the benefits of technology, it’s almost important to remember that it’s a curse at the same time. In fact, smartphones have already earned a bad reputation in recent years among … Read More

How to Work Around Metal Buildings Stealing Your Reception

Giant antennas

Spending half a thousand dollars on a phone seems like a great idea when it can contact the world and stream a thousand shows, but when metal buildings block reception, that same phone is suddenly an expensive paperweight with a depleting battery. Reception can be fickle and is especially bad when a building is comprised … Read More

How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone or Tablet

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Malicious software and viruses have always been a worry for PC and laptop users, but more recently, malware has become a major problem for smartphone and tablet users. Android users can unwittingly install a virus on their device when they download third-party applications, causing security issues and compromising sensitive data. Removing the virus as soon … Read More

How Google Tracking Benefits You

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Every day we browse the internet and come across a story about a leading tech giant. Within these stories, the writer will normally over-exaggerate the fact that the company tracks your every move on the Internet. Google, Facebook, Microsoft almost all of them do it to an extent. It’s a known fact yet still comes … Read More