Apps for Reading on Your Android Tablet

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One of the best uses of Android Tablets is reading. They can handle many different formats and it is a pleasure to read on a small tablet that you can hold in your hand, especially after trying to read on a laptop, which never really works for any significant amount of time. Android has tons of … Read More

How to Add Ringtones to Your Android Smartphone

If you have recently purchased an android smartphone, you may be wondering how you can add additional ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds to the phone. To clarify the three types of tones that can be added: ringtones are used for incoming phone calls, alarms are used by the alarm clock application, and notification sounds are … Read More

Internet Tethering with Android

Internet Tethering with Android

Tethering, or the practice of connecting your phone to a computer and sharing its internet connection, is vital to those on the go. Because most smartphones already have an active internet connection, many people are starting to view phones as mobile access points. Many US mobile carriers have generous internet data plans, so tethering has … Read More

An Entry Level Android User Guide

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Everyone is all abuzz about how cool the android phones and devices are, but what really sets the Android OS apart from other device Operating Systems, and how do you take advantage of the power and openness of this great platform? What devices are for beginners, and what devices are for the root user / … Read More

The Curious Case of Chrome and Android

The Curious Case of Chrome and Android

Over the past few years, a lot of people have been wondering why Google Chrome isn’t a part of Android. On the surface, it seems like a simple decision, right? Google Chrome and Android are both Google products, and since Chrome has become such a popular browser, it would almost seem like an obvious choice to integrate it with Android.

Top Free Android Apps

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If you’re having difficulty sorting through the jumble of choices on the Android Marketplace, the following list of free, must-have Android apps will keep you productive, healthy and entertained.