Apps for Reading on Your Android Tablet

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This is an article outlining the best apps for reading on the Android platform. It covers PDF format, as well as eBooks, and also recommends and discusses apps for reading online content. It recommends the best app for each category and details their benefits and features.

How to Add Ringtones to Your Android Smartphone

Android phones rarely, if ever, come with documentation on how to add ringtones to the phone. This article describes the three different types of tones that are used by an Android phone and several methods of adding these tones to the phone.

Internet Tethering with Android

Internet Tethering with Android

This article discusses and introduces methods for tethering an internet connection through an Android smartphone. A discussion of why tethering is important is included in the article. Additionally, several apps are discussed and suggested.

An Entry Level Android User Guide

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This article is a blog-style run down on the android operating system and some of its benefits. There is mention of other OS offerings, but it is not meant to be a comparison as much as a description of some of the benefits of the Android OS, Root access, ROMs and more.

The Curious Case of Chrome and Android

The Curious Case of Chrome and Android

Over the past few years, a lot of people have been wondering why Google Chrome isn’t a part of Android. On the surface, it seems like a simple decision, right? Google Chrome and Android are both Google products, and since Chrome has become such a popular browser, it would almost seem like an obvious choice to integrate it with Android.

Top Free Android Apps

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If you’re having difficulty sorting through the jumble of choices on the Android Marketplace, the following list of free, must-have Android apps will keep you productive, healthy and entertained.