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How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Your Android

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A major advantage of the Android mobile phone is its easy integration with Google services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, Google Search and Google Drive. Many people hold multiple Google accounts, using separate accounts for a range of purposes, including business, dating, chatting or mailing list subscriptions.

This can make it difficult to keep track of all your Google activity, but with your Android mobile phone, you can sync multiple Google accounts. Here’s how to use multiple Google accounts on your Android.

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Your Android

Add Your Google Accounts

To add extra Google accounts to your Android, navigate to the “Accounts and Sync” section of the settings. Select “Add account”, and choose the Google option. You will then be guided through the process of adding an existing account or creating a new one. If you wish to add an existing Google account, you will need your username and password to complete the process.

Configure Your Google Accounts

Once you’ve added your Google accounts, you will need to configure the options for each account. Navigate to the “Accounts and Sync” section of your settings, and scroll down to the “Manage accounts” section. Select the account you wish to configure.

You will be presented with a checklist of options that allow you to choose whether or not to sync specific services. So, for example, if one of your Google accounts is used just for email, you can choose only to sync the Gmail service, as there will be no need to sync the calendar, contacts and so on.

Once you have configured all your Google accounts, you are ready to use multiple accounts on your Android. However, you may need to adjust the options for individual Google services. For example, Google play will require you to choose which Google account to use for downloads. You will be prompted to make your choice the next time you use the service.