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Microsoft Office for Android or iOS Is Almost Here

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In March 2013, you can finally use Microsoft Office in your Android or iOS device. Petr Bobek, product manager at Microsoft, confirmed in a press release from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team that Office 2013 app versions are set to be released for Android and iOS devices.

“Office 365 services and other Office products for mobile will be released from March 2013,” Bobek said in the press release.

Other platforms that are set to receive Office 2013 include the recently unveiled line of Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OSX, and Symbian.

In the same press release, a new version of Office Web Apps is also said to be underway, which can be notable because rumors about Office for iPad have long been passed around.

For enterprises, Office 2013 will be made available in December 2012. Consumers, on the other hand, can get their hands on Office 2013 by February 2013.

This move by Microsoft would definitely enable mobile users to access Excel, Word, and Powerpoint by way of their smartphone and tablets. Being able to access and work with MS Office programs on mobile devices empowers telecommuting employees, mobile workforce, and many other people who are always on the go, toting their mobile devices with them anywhere.

The Verge, however, obtained a statement from Microsoft, which said, “The information shared by our Czech subsidiary is not accurate. We do not have anything further to share at this time.”

What do you think? Or better yet, will there be significant impact among users of mobile devices once the Android and iOS versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 apps are set in place? How will they stack up against the Windows RT app versions? How will the touch-based environment surrounding smartphones and tablets factor in the overall architecture of the Office 2013 apps? In March 2013, users will learn the answer.