LG G3 Review: A Phone of the Future

Features and Specifications

The phone can come in three different colors.  These are black, white, and gold.  No matter the choice of the color of the phone, the actual phone itself has the same specifications all around.

The LG G3 has a stunning display that makes images become life like, where every detail can be seen.  Having a 5.5” display that shows 538 pixels per inch, makes the clarity of any picture or video on the screen appear clean and crisp.  This is done through a fully Quad HD display running on an Android 4.4.2 KitKat Operating System.

Using an 801 Quad-Core Processor gives the phone the ability to hold multiple apps open at once, and not delay the performance of the phone.  This CPU is one of the faster CPUs that are on the market today.

The graphic rendering matches well with the Quad HD resolution, making this more than a phone but an entertainment device.  Pictures, videos, movies, and music can all be enjoyed by using the LG G3.

A laser auto focus will allow the camera to adjust to any type of picture.  When the lighting is not right, or when the subject is on the move, the camera still will be able to focus and capture high quality images.

Lg g3 display
Lg g3 display
Specifics of the Phone
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core Processor
Display5.5″ Quad HD
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4.2 KitKat
Battery3,000 mAh
Total Internal Memory3 GB RAM/ 24 GB user memory


When the phone is on and in use, the screen lights up with hues that are light on the eyes.  Meaning, when a person is using the phone for an extended period, their eyes will not be tired after staring at the light blues, greens, and reds of the phone.

The interface within the phone is user friendly and most everyone that picks up the phone will be able to use it.  Keeping the phone easy to manage with simple techniques encourages use from all ages.

Battery Life

Battery life is constantly an issue within phones.  The LG G3 phone includes a 3,000 mAh battery.  This gives the battery maximum life for its slim design.  Since this is the case, the phone is given the power to ensure that the screen is performing at peak speed with the processor.

The 5.5” screen takes up a lot of battery life and the phone should run dead quickly, but it does not.  The CPU is efficient enough to not drain the battery, allowing the user to have control of the phone for an extended period of time.

Lg G3 battery
Lg G3 battery


The functional security pad can create 86,358 different combinations, making it nearly impossible for anyone but the person who knows the code to get in.  It does not show numbers or a pattern, but a code you enter on a blank screen.  The areas that the user touches are already designated by that person so they know where to touch and in what order.

Pictures and videos can now be locked separately in the phone.  The files can be kept private so even if someone else is using the phone, they cannot enter the pictures or videos, as well as another other restriction placed on the phone.

Keeping with the high level of security, the phone can enter a guest mode.  In this mode, others can use what functions and apps they are granted access to.  This will allow others the ability to use certain features, such as the music or calls, while not interfering with the actual phone applications themselves.


The camera interface includes a laser auto focus and enhanced image stabilization.  This gives the user the ability to take great pictures of subjects that are possibly moving.  Incorporating this together with the camera itself, the pictures are of the highest quality.  Even when the user is on the move, such as jogging or watching a sporting event, the camera provides for a stable picture that does not show much movement.

Both the screen and the audio are built as a media device.  Being made by LG, this is the case for any given device in their production line.  The Quad HD screen provides a fuller effect than regular HD.  Utilizing the 5.5” screen, movies seem clearer and pictures seem more vivid.

The music player combined with the speakers and the built in amplifier on the phone helps sounds come across clear, and not as distorted.  Using headphones along with this amplifier will allow for maximum quality of the sound system built within the phone.


The keyboard has become easier to manage because the user can control the size of the letters.  This will allow for anyone using it to have the ability to make the letters the correct size for their own fingers.

Along with this feature, the keyboard will learn from each action and the style of typing most used on it.  This will make the keyboard type as the user would, making corrections only when words are not spelled how the person would normally spell them.

Lg g3 keyboard
Lg g3 keyboard


The phone is encased in a plastic shell that resembles a metal frame.  Plastic covers the entire phone so getting a phone case is almost necessary.

A phone case that is being advertised with the LG G3 is the LG Quick Circle Case.  This case has a front flap on it with a circle cut out in the upper middle of it.  Within the circle the user can control calls, check messages, take pictures, and play music.  This allows the phone to be used without opening the front protective cover.

The LG G Watch can be paired with the phone, making the watch a part of the phone itself.  The watch will set reminder, use voice to search the phone, detail the weather, and notify the user of incoming calls or texts.

What Others Say

Other reviews of the phone have liked the screen, camera, battery life, interface, and overall design of the phone.  All of these features are high points when looking at the LG G3.

Most other revies did not like the wait time when using apps and going back to the home screen, and the lag created by the over powering of the screen.  Since the screen is using a Quad HD program, it takes a good amount of power and gives the phone some lag in production of multiple programs.

Final Verdict

The LG G3 is a phone that is much more than a phone.  It is a mini media device that anyone can carry on them.  With updated privacy settings and new technology incorporated into the privacy, the phone can be adjusted.  This adjustment can allow not only one person to use the phone but multiple people can get into it without disturbing the owner’s apps and features.

The picture quality and sound quality match all of LG’s products.  These are top of the line and the G3 holds that to be true.  The Quad HD along with the 801 Processor for the CPU makes the device easy to manage for long periods of time.

For a phone, the battery life lasts well.  Powering such a big screen should drain the battery but the CPU makes up for the speed and lack of display.

Slow load times and lagging are the key issues.  The phone is based around being such a media device that the load times and lagging are common.  Keeping the phone clean of unnecessary apps and media will help keep the speed optimized.

Any person that wants the latest phone should give the LG G3 a try.  Through the new and developed privacy settings and the powerful media device, this phone is a leading product in up to date phone software.  Keeping with the times, people usually want the newest and most improved phone.  This phone could eventually reach iPhone and Galaxy type of distribution, once the wait and lag time issue is resolved.