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How to Create a Hidden File on Android

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Creating a hidden file on Android is quite simple. However, this method is often left disregarded because of certain reasons. First of all, the ‘hide this file’ option is not available in the menu and secondly, it can only be done by manually renaming a document or a photo. Of course, there are apps that are purposely intended to hide or lock your files but you don’t really need one as long as you know how to do so.

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In this article, you will learn how to manually hide a certain file so that it wouldn’t appear on your file manager. Basically, there are two methods of hiding a file on Android. The first method can be easily done by renaming a particular file while the second method will require you to move the files that you want to hide to a hidden folder. Even so, do take note that these methods may or may not work on your Android device.

Method 1 – Renaming a file to keep it hidden from prying eyes

Step 1: Open your laptop or PC then create a new blank file via NotePad. Save the file as hidden.nomedia (the file extension must not be .txt) and send this file to your Android device.

Step 2: On your Android device, copy or move the hidden.nomedia file to any folder wherein you wish to keep your hidden files. Rename the hidden.nomedia file to .nomedia then select a photo or document that you wish to hide.

Step 3: Add a dot (.) before the name of your photo or document. For example, if the current name of your photo is photoabc.jpg, you should change it to .photoabc.jpg. This will keep the photo from appearing in your Gallery, File Manager or any other app.

Method 2 – Keeping your files in a hidden folder

Step 1: Go to your File Manager (Home > Apps > My Files), tap the menu button then select the option for ‘Create New Folder’.

Step 2: You will be asked to name your new folder. You can choose any name but make sure that you will add a dot (.) before the name. Examples: .myphotos, .secretfiles

Step 3: Place the files that you want to hide in that folder. It doesn’t matter if it’s a music file, a video file or a photo. As long as the file is kept inside your hidden folder, it won’t show up unless you make it visible.

Keeping Your Hidden Files Visible

Whether you’re choosing the first method or the second method, you can always opt to keep your hidden files visible by simply checking the ‘Show hidden files’ option in the File Manager. Nevertheless, your photos won’t appear on the Gallery unless you rename them or move them out from your hidden folder.