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Android's Anti-Theft

How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Feature

Android Device Manager can track your lost or misplaced device, whether you forgot where you put it, it slipped between the sofa cushions, or someone stole it.The app can also lock the device and...

How to Improve Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Let’s face it. Nothing is more frustrating than a dead cell phone battery. We have become so reliant on these devices that anything that prevents us from being connected 24/7 is a problem. And...
phone obsession

How to Break Your Cell Phone Obsession

That little glowing screen you feel constantly connected to can be causing more harm than good. Maybe your cell phone makes you feel nervous or perhaps even a bit uncomfortable when you're in situations...

How to Block Spam on Mobile Phones

The same problem that hit users of email has now invaded their mobile phones.  In fact, it is a worse problem in a few ways.  You can't usually delete a cellphone text message before...
buying a new tablet

11 Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Tablet

The idea of buying a new tablet definitely sounds exciting. However, you shouldn't let your excitement overrule your ability to make smart choices. After all, what you want is a tablet that will truly...
smartphone in the water

How to save your cell phone dropped in the water

You have just dropped your cell phone in water. Don’t panic, your phone might still have a chance. Here are some tips you can use that could possibly save your water-drenched phone. First off,...
Blue Android Logo

6 Simple Speed-Boosting Tips for Your Android Smartphone

Don't settle for your Android smartphone's out-of-the-box, bloatware-saddled condition. A few expert tweaks can optimize its overall performance. Here are six tips and tricks to make your phone work more efficiently and quickly all...

Smartphone buying guide: How to choose Smartphone

Why bother to choose instead of buy any smartphone?Smartphone makes our life easier, not only by making us able to communicate with others, but also in many other ways. As smartphones are one of...
battery wallpaper

Three Tricks for Saving Battery Life on Android Phones

Android phones are constantly improving and updating, with a new batch of phones and operating system tweaks coming out every few months.One thing seems to remain constant, however: battery life.A blazing-fast 4g connection doesn't do...
How to Create a Hidden File on Android

How to Create a Hidden File on Android

Creating a hidden file on Android is quite simple. However, this method is often left disregarded because of certain reasons. First of all, the ‘hide this file’ option is not available in the menu and...