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Mobile Apps for Moms: Making Life Simpler

This article explores some great app choices for busy moms (and dads might like them too). From emergency contacts to budget-tracking tools, these apps are easy to use and can make like far more simpler.

Google Glass

4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity With Google Glass

This article explores four effective ways to use Google Glass, the wearable computing device scheduled to hit the shelves in 2014, to boost work productivity. The article discusses, for instance, how you can exploit the voice-recognition capability of the Glass to quickly respond to text messages. Other hands-free techniques to efficiently simplify your daily workflow are also described.

Is a Cheaper iPhone a Good Move for Apple?

Is a Cheaper iPhone a Good Move for Apple?

Apple´s iPhone has long been viewed as the top example of a quality smartphone. Even as generations of the iPhone began to slip in terms of features compared to Android devices, the iPhone has always been viewed as a quality handset designed to last. Now Apple is considering a cheaper iPhone to diversify its lineup and create revenue and sales growth. The question now is, does this move make sense for Apple?

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

The battle between Android and iOS is an ever-present one and there are many misconceptions and false claims floating around about these two platforms in the tech realm. This article aims to clear up all of those things and educate you on some genuine and unquestionable advantages that Android has over iOS. If you are planning to buy an Android smartphone or tablet, you shouldn´t miss out on these features.

apps for android

5 Great to-Do Apps for Your Mobile Phone

Using a to-do app on your smartphone is one of the best ways to stay organized in today´s hectic world. This articles lists five of the best to-do applications for your mobile phone.

smartphone security

Top Five Best Mobile Security Apps for Android

Just like your computer, your Android device is also at risk of being hacked. It is also very prone to malicious attacks. That is why if you don’t do something, you might end up regretting the fact that you opted not to install a mobile security app.

cool android

Five Television Apps for Android Phones

Android phones have become popular lately, and a growing number of people are using them to watch television shows. Some Android phone owners might not know of any television apps, while others are confused about which ones to download. This article lists out five of the best television apps for Android phones, providing details on each one.

google inspired

Several Ways Google Is Trying to Make Your Life Easier

Moving into the world of tomorrow, Google is consistently upgrading their services to better serve the user. However, much of their unique input technology is under-marketed despite Google´s huge grip on the internet marketing industry. Here are a few secrets to make your Google searching experience even better than it currently is.

Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

Android is one of the leading brands in smartphone operating system technology, and an increasing number of consumers are moving from their old phones to an Android phone. Android phones are known for being able to perform almost any task that you throw at it, but because of this it loses some ease of use. This article explains some ofthe key features of Android phones and what they are for.

What You Need to Know About the Android Phone

About the Android Phone

The Android phone is quickly becoming one of the most popular smartphone options. This article takes a look at the Android phone and what it has to offer consumers.