Mobile Apps for Moms: Making Life Simpler


Women lead such busy lives today; between work and family life, there’s seldom any time left over for themselves! These apps, however, can help them to balance their commitments and schedules a bit easier so that, perhaps, they can just fit in a much-deserved nap or a date with their favorite book! 1) Shop Savvy This … Read More

4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity With Google Glass

Google Glass

The $1,500 developer version of Google Glass, whose consumer edition will more likely carry a lower price tag, holds promise for workers on the go. Here are four ways to use the lightweight “smart eyeglasses” to effectively simplify your workflow and boost your business productivity. 1) Dictate your text messages and save your time for other … Read More

Is a Cheaper iPhone a Good Move for Apple?

Is a Cheaper iPhone a Good Move for Apple?

It seems no news cycle is complete in the mobile technology field without a proper discussion of the latest and greatest buzz surrounding Apple Inc. and the iPhone. In the last few weeks the mobile field has watched with anticipation as Blackberry makes a comeback bid with the Z10 and Q10 smartphones running the Blackberry … Read More

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

Here are the eight reasons why Android is better than iOS. 1) Widgets (Android and Ios): This is the most distinguishing feature that is immediately noticed by everyone. Android supports widgets on the home screens. Widgets may be anything; it may be news and weather updates, to-do lists, etc. These tiny little snippets are extremely … Read More

5 Great to-Do Apps for Your Mobile Phone

apps for android

In today’s hectic world, we really need a way to keep ourselves organized and to handle all the miscellaneous tasks that come our way in an efficient manner. A few years ago, there was no way to do this other than to carry around a notebook or keep a physical to-do list or diary. In … Read More

Top Five Best Mobile Security Apps for Android

smartphone security

Android users may find it difficult to choose the best mobile security app that will protect their devices from viruses and malicious apps. Come to think of it, there are a lot of anti-malware and anti-virus apps in the market. For one to find a reliable anti-malware app, he or she should consider a lot … Read More