Take Control of Your Health with 5 Lifestyle Apps for Men

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If you’ve been looking to improve your health but don’t know where to start, there are a number of healthy living apps that can help. Whether you want to start a new routine and breathe new life in your current workout, these five apps provide all the direction you need. Take control of your health with the help of your smartphone.

6 Simple Speed-Boosting Tips for Your Android Smartphone

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A sluggish, unresponsive mobile device can be easily remedied by a few simple tweaks. This article explores six easy ways to speed up your Android smartphone. Examples of speed-boosting tips that were discussed in this article are disabling the auto sync feature and closing multiple background apps.

Top 5 Android Custom ROMs

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There are hundreds of custom ROMs available for Android, and new ones popping up rapidly. It makes it hard to choose just one to use on your phone. There isn’t one best ROM for everyone, and that’s why there are many to choose from. At least one of the most popular Android custom ROMs typically seem to please everyone, and each one differs in many ways.

The Croods Review for Android

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The Croods is an animated movie by DreamWorks about a prehistoric family who discovers a fantastic new world when they set out on a trip. Developers Rovio Games have been tasked with the creation of the licensed game title for the film. This article reviews the game based on gameplay, graphics and overall performance.