5 Free Android Apps That Can Help Improve Your Sleep Quality

woman sleeping

Turn to mobile apps as trusty sleeping aids. Have a “smart” alarm clock and a sleep cycle tracker, as well as an ambient sound generator to lull yourself into a peaceful sleep. This article discusses five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

Tips for better smartphone camera photography

person holding iphone

The best camera for a job, as they say, is the one you have to with you. Seen this way, the smartphone camera is great idea. You do need to approach smartphone photography a bit differently than you do regular photography, though. These cameras aren’t as forgiving as full-featured cameras are. Try these tips.

Children and cell phones

A cell phone can give the child access to the world, but it can also give the world access to them. Watch out for your children.

11 Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Tablet

buying a new tablet

There are several factors that determine the overall quality of an Android tablet. So don’t just buy one because it’s cheap or because it looks classy and slim. You should first evaluate whether that tablet can truly keep up with your digital needs and lifestyle.

Free Fitness and Diet Apps for iOS and Android

girl fitness

A better body and a healthy life may be only an app away. Easy phone apps for iOS and Android can create a fitter and more attractive you. This technology can be your best friend as you enhance your heath and improve your appearance.