How To Access A Remote Computer From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

How To Access A Remote Computer From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

There are times when you just can not get back to your PC or Mac. For those times your Android smartphone can be an enormous help. Here is some great information on the subject of taking an Android handset and making a remote connection with another computer. The tools will be listed here, but basically … Read More

How to Add Ringtones to Your Android Smartphone

If you have recently purchased an android smartphone, you may be wondering how you can add additional ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds to the phone. To clarify the three types of tones that can be added: ringtones are used for incoming phone calls, alarms are used by the alarm clock application, and notification sounds are … Read More

How to Use an Android Smartphone

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This article provides a guide to the basics of using an Android smartphone. Android is a rapidly growing operating system to complement the rapidly growing industry of smart phone technology. This guide will greatly help new users to become familiarized with the basics of using their Android smartphone. It includes detailed directions on how to use the lock screen, setting a pass code to a deviceĀ“s lock screen, downloading applications, adding shortcuts to the home screen, adding widgets and more!