How to save your cell phone dropped in the water

smartphone in the water

You have just dropped your cell phone in water. Don’t panic, your phone might still have a chance. Here are some tips you can use that could possibly save your water-drenched phone. First off, don’t try and charge your phone. Don’t even try and turn in on. Remove the battery and the SIM card on … Read More

How to Download Apps From GetJar


Not all apps are free, and some are downright expensive. If you want to download a popular app from the Android Market or Apple iTunes Store, you might have to pay a fee. If you download a lot of paid apps, those fees can add up very quickly. Want to get all those same apps for … Read More

How to Create a Hidden File on Android

How to Create a Hidden File on Android

Creating a hidden file on Android is quite simple. However, this method is often left disregarded because of certain reasons. First of all, the ‘hide this file’ option is not available in the menu and secondly, it can only be done by manually renaming a document or a photo. Of course, there are apps that are … Read More

How to Protect Your Android Phone from Malware and Viruses

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Malware and viruses can cause serious damage to your Android mobile phone, especially if they are not removed quickly. Hackers and identity thieves often use malware to exploit vulnerabilities in your Android device, which can lead to your personal information, passwords and credit card details being stolen and used for malicious purposes. Protecting your Android phone … Read More

How to Share Mobile Connection

mobile connection

Mobile data sharing occurs when a certain device shares or transfers its internet connection to another device. This particular feature is included in many different mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android. Furthermore, mobile data sharing can be accomplished through various ways or methods. This tutorial will teach you how to share … Read More

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Your Android

A major advantage of the Android mobile phone is its easy integration with Google services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, Google Search and Google Drive. Many people hold multiple Google accounts, using separate accounts for a range of purposes, including business, dating, chatting or mailing list subscriptions. This can make it difficult to keep … Read More