How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone or Tablet

malware and virus android

Malicious software and viruses have always been a worry for PC and laptop users, but more recently, malware has become a major problem for smartphone and tablet users. Android users can unwittingly install a virus on their device when they download third-party applications, causing security issues and compromising sensitive data. Removing the virus as soon … Read More

How Google Tracking Benefits You

wallpaper analytics data

Every day we browse the internet and come across a story about a leading tech giant. Within these stories, the writer will normally over-exaggerate the fact that the company tracks your every move on the Internet. Google, Facebook, Microsoft almost all of them do it to an extent. It’s a known fact yet still comes … Read More

How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Feature

Android's Anti-Theft

Android Device Manager can track your lost or misplaced device, whether you forgot where you put it, it slipped between the sofa cushions, or someone stole it. The app can also lock the device and wipe data remotely to protect your information. Here’s a guide to setting up this app and keeping your Android device … Read More

How to Break Your Cell Phone Obsession

phone obsession

That little glowing screen you feel constantly connected to can be causing more harm than good. Maybe your cell phone makes you feel nervous or perhaps even a bit uncomfortable when you’re in situations where you can’t use it. When was the last time you went an hour without looking at your phone? Have you … Read More

How to Block Spam on Mobile Phones


The same problem that hit users of email has now invaded their mobile phones.  In fact, it is a worse problem in a few ways.  You can’t usually delete a cellphone text message before you open it, and under some mobile service plans, you might be charged per message received – even if it’s spam. … Read More