How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone or Tablet

malware and virus android

Viruses and other malicious software can compromise your data and cause major security issues, leaving your devices vulnerable to attack. Removing malware from your Android phone or tablet as soon as possible is essential for minimizing the impact on your device.

How Google Tracking Benefits You

wallpaper analytics data

It can be scary when you hear companies are capable of tracking everything you do on the internet. It happens, but look at why this is actually a positive thing. Don´t be afraid of web tracking.

How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Feature

Android's Anti-Theft

Did you know that your Android device comes with an anti-theft feature? Did you know that you can remotely lock and wipe your device if you need to? This article looks at the Device Manager and how to set it up to make your device more secure.

How to Break Your Cell Phone Obsession

phone obsession

This article gives readers tips on how to reduce the time spent checking their cell phones ans apps. It does not advocate for completely omitting cell phones from one’s life. Rather, this article stresses the importance of minor changes and a general awareness of the time spent on a phone.

How to Block Spam on Mobile Phones


Unsolicited text messages on your mobile phone are, in a sense, worse than email spam. You can´t delete them without first opening the message. And your cellphone carrier might even charge you extra for the spam messages. This guide will show you how to combat this problem and overcome the troublesome issue of mobile phone spam.