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Silk flower arrangements

Creating Silk Flower Arrangements

Having a vase of flowers in your home can accent a table, brighten a dark corner, or add a touch of elegance. The flowers can bring a reminder of warm summer days on cold...
What Is Dungeons & Dragons?

What Is Dungeons & Dragons?

Chances are you've heard of Dungeons & Dragons at some point, either from a friend, a news report, or just that nebulous source from which common knowledge flows.But if you're like most people, you...
double helix

Is Joining a Clinical Trial Right for You?

Jeff Rodgers sits in his doctor's office pouring over patient consent forms one last time before “signing my life away,” he jokes. His signature will bring to a close months of preparation, a process...

Postpartum Mental Illness

Postpartum mental illness is nothing like the "Baby Blues": help available then and now.I always knew I’d write this article someday. 22 years after the birth of my only child, it is still difficult...
email marketing

Email Marketing Without SPAMming

How do you go about sending email or marketing yourself online without crossing into the "SPAMmer" category? First and foremost, know who you are sending your email marketing to. You don't have to be...
poets and writers

Overcoming Writer’s Block: Freewriting

Writer’s block is the bane of any writer. Most of us, if not all of us have experienced it at one point or another in our writing career. For those of you who don’t know...
actors gilligans island

Gilligan’s Island: Revisited

"Gilligan's Island is an American sitcom created and produced by Sherwood Schwartz and originally produced by United Artists Television.The situation comedy series featured Bob Denver; Alan Hale, Jr.; Jim Backus; Natalie Schafer; Tina Louise;...
children safe

Keep Your Children Safe Online

The Internet has made the world smaller and easily accessible to nearly everyone. The significance of the Internet cannot be denied in our modern lifestyle. Today, the majority of many people’s day is spent...
security wallpaper

How to protect kids on the internet

The Internet is an incredible utopia of information and has become a mainstream tool for many people. Whether someone is looking for coupons, doing a book report, or just chatting with friends online, there...
poker wallpaper

Big Difference: Telling Apart the “Low” Poker Games

For several years now Razz has been the game of choice among players who like “low” poker games. The point of Razz is not to get the best possible hand, but to get the worst....