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The top five bets in the casino

Casino table games are a lot of fun, but some offer better odds than others.  Odds are the mathematical probability of winning if the game is played optimally.  A coin toss has odds of...
good sleep

Using Your Senses for Sensational Sleep

Often we think of sleep as a time when our senses all but shut off. It seems as if our resting mind becomes wrapped in a filter through which common sights, sounds and smells...
skeleton poker

Five Tips For Being a More Successful Online Poker Player

Playing poker online has been one of the more popular internet activities for a number of years and it doesn't show any sign going away anytime soon. Most online poker players, especially those new...

How to House Train a Rabbit

Rabbits have a natural tendency to want to eliminate in a specific area, so they are surprisingly easy to house train. Watch your rabbit in his cage for a few days and determine where...

How to increase traffic to the website?

I have been studying, applying, and giving advice on Internet marketing for quite some time now (years, even). I'm amazed at how much there is to know and how often this technology changes! Lately,...

18 tips for enjoying nature

Several years ago, shortly after I moved to my current home, I was asked if I would be interested in participating in an on-going project regarding raptors--Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Owls, and...

How to Clean Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture can add such beauty to a sunroom or porch but if you want to keep your investment beautiful you need to know how to clean your wicker furniture without damaging its delicate...
Shooting ranges

Shooting Ranges in Houston

Shooting ranges in the Greater Houston area offer indoor and/or outdoor shooting experiences.  Each creates its own spin on weaponry through slogans, logos, classes and mission statements.  Most specialize in defensive skills. Shiloh-Shooting, an...

Could There be Life on Other Planets?

Could there be life on other planets? It turns out this is not an easy question to answer at all because, for starters, scientist still argue over the definition of the term 'life'.Since a...
Media exaggerations

Media Exaggerations

Television, Radio, and Newspapers are the three major sources of information for the majority of people, excluding the internet. But even though they have such a huge responsibility in keeping the public informed, they...