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Best Android App to Download Youtube Videos

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The best Android app to download YouTube videos is the Tubemate program. There are some runner ups to compete with this app, but since Google does not like to keep apps like this in their Google Play store, they will be harder to find. Otherwise, lets take a look at the Tubemate Android app and see all the cool features it has.

If you are like the millions of other people who like Android and YouTube, you wonder how you can get those favorite videos of yours on your phone or tablet. The people from Devian Studio have created a “dream app” that allows you to put YouTube videos on your Android device. If you are away from internet access, now you can still watch your videos. One of the best points about this app is that it is totally free. One of the worst points is that you need to be careful where you download it, as it can be infected with malware. Do your due diligence and download Tubemate from trustworthy sites and all should go well. Amazon dot com is one of those sites that will hardly ever have an infected file for their downloads. Tubemate is rated four stars out of five on the Amazon site.

The Tubemate Android app is a good looking app. It looks just like a web page. It will be hard to tell the app from a regular YouTube page. Searching and choosing videos on the app is easy. Once you find the one you want on your device the buttons show up automatically at the bottom of the screen. The buttons are “download”, “share”, “replay” and an extra search button. The “replay” button is nice for some users with older Android devices who have to wait for the video to finish before they can see it again. Downloading videos is straightforward.

Clicking on the picture of the video will open a dialog window with the choice to download or view the video. If download is chosen, a menu comes up with the different resolutions and formats that the video can be downloaded in. If just the audio is wanted, there is a chance to download in the MP3 format. This Android app for downloading YouTube videos works quietly in the background.

Once is it finished there is a notification in the Android app tray that you have a new video. Just visit the download folder to see the new video file. There are even more options for the user to take advantage of once the video is on their phone or tablet. The video can be converted over to MP3, it can be played as an audio file, and of course as a video file. The user has plenty of preferences even though this app is free. One of the nicer ones is found in the menus of the program. It allows the user to access “fast download mode”. This is the ability to use multiple internet sources at one time. This speeds up the download by connecting to different networks simultaneously.

In conclusion, the Tubemate app from Devian Studios gets high ratings. It can be considered the best in its category. It is a free Android app that not just downloads YouTube videos, but also has plenty of controls to work with as well.