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angry woman

The most common cell phone annoyances

Although cell phones are now a fact of life, some people are abusing the privilege and making people around them miserable. Do you engage in any of these cell phone annoyances?

Children and cell phones

A cell phone can give the child access to the world, but it can also give the world access to them. Watch out for your children.
turned-on black smartphone beside laptop computer

How to access your PC with your android phone or tablet

This article explains the process through which you can use an Android phone or tablet to gain remote access to your PC in order to manage documents and play multimedia files located on your computer.
close up photo of black Samsung Galaxy smartphone

How to safely use downloaded android applications

Keeping the Android smartphone free of malware is an important job for those who use this type of handset. Keeping on your toes is necessary to prevent the loss of personal information or money. This article covers getting to know more about downloaded apps and third party software that can be used to protect an Android smartphone.
Wallpaper Good Night

How your smartphone is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep

While the benefits of technology are without doubt, it is also important to remember the problems they cause in everyday life. Studies have consistently shown that smartphones in particular cause problems with lack of sleep. This article addresses the issue and explains how to approach it responsibly.
Giant antennas

How to Work Around Metal Buildings Stealing Your Reception

Metal buildings can be structurally sound and climate controlled. They can also steal your reception and render yourphone useless. Find out how to work around pesky metal and get back to doing what you need to do.
malware and virus android

How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone or Tablet

Viruses and other malicious software can compromise your data and cause major security issues, leaving your devices vulnerable to attack. Removing malware from your Android phone or tablet as soon as possible is essential for minimizing the impact on your device.
wallpaper analytics data

How Google Tracking Benefits You

It can be scary when you hear companies are capable of tracking everything you do on the internet. It happens, but look at why this is actually a positive thing. DonĀ“t be afraid of web tracking.
Hand protects sensitive data

How to Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking You – Protect Your Privacy

Your smartphone could be tracking your every move without you even knowing it. This article provides some tips you can use to turn off the tracking and keep your movements and activities private.
Android's Anti-Theft

How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Feature

Did you know that your Android device comes with an anti-theft feature? Did you know that you can remotely lock and wipe your device if you need to? This article looks at the Device Manager and how to set it up to make your device more secure.