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An Entry Level Android User Guide

This article is a blog-style run down on the android operating system and some of its benefits. There is mention of other OS offerings, but it is not meant to be a comparison as much as a description of some of the benefits of the Android OS, Root access, ROMs and more.
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Top Free Android Apps

If you’re having difficulty sorting through the jumble of choices on the Android Marketplace, the following list of free, must-have Android apps will keep you productive, healthy and entertained.
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How to Use an Android Smartphone

This article provides a guide to the basics of using an Android smartphone. Android is a rapidly growing operating system to complement the rapidly growing industry of smart phone technology. This guide will greatly help new users to become familiarized with the basics of using their Android smartphone. It includes detailed directions on how to use the lock screen, setting a pass code to a device´s lock screen, downloading applications, adding shortcuts to the home screen, adding widgets and more!