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Android Is Set to Dominate Future Advertising Cycles

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Everyone from mobile website developers to paid search consultants are touting the growing market in Android mobile advertising. The purchase of Motorola by Google sets the stage to put mobile marketing in place as the generator of growth for the next generation of digital marketing.

SEO authoring of a paid search campaign must now include the coming trends in advanced marketing.

Mobile consultants are gaining prominence as the Android market is expanding mobile marketing and online advertising expenditures.

Android mobile advertising is changing the way Main Street, America, reaches out to their consumers. As users pass Main Street shops, their Android will inform them of the services, products, attractions, and sales that are being offered inside. Everyone is an instant native everywhere they go with Android mobile online marketing.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, up to a third of affluent consumers will give personal information to mobile Apps for the Google android so that they can receive personalized services such as current notices and directions to their favorite services, products, and entertainment in their vicinity.

The best marketing consumers are affluent customers who will not only leverage the benefits of this new push marketing mode, but will bring others into the group with referrals and word of mouth recommendations. This is a powerful influence in an already hot advertising market because word of mouth advertising still offers the most effective advertising benefits available.

According to The Relevancy Group, 41% of marketers are convinced that advertising campaigns driving signups instead of simple click-throughs are the future of online mobile marketing. In addition, 56% of Fortune 500 companies are not satisfied with click-through marketing campaigns.

Even expected growth of $1 billion in 2011 is a shadow of the growth potential that the mobile advertising market carries into 2012. The return on investment (ROI) for mobile ads will grow with the spending on evolving android mobile Apps that expand the signup advertising market.

Forrester Research claims that mobile advertising will grow to $77 billion by 2016, representing fully 35% of all marketing expenditures and eclipsing even television advertising. This would mark the first time that television advertising will take a back seat to any other type of marketing, and will likely be the end of the dominance of TV ads. In the future, advertising dollars will be more abundant, and at the same time the shift between traditional advertising and online mobile ads will speed up. This spells big opportunities for savvy mobile marketers.

Also indicated by Forrester Research is that currently mobile advertising is overshadowing social and email marketing ads, and by 2016 will have grown to about $8.2 billion. Also by 2016 search-driven ads are expected to fall from 55% to 44% of the total online ad market. In addition, video advertising that plays on mobile devices such as the Google Android should grow to 37% of the online ad market share, representing over $28 billion in ad spending.

The next generation of advertising will be interactive ad campaigns that reach out to grab users based on their known desires and tastes, and guide them to the services and products that they want. Consumers will be informed of the availability of their favorite products and services when they would not otherwise know they are nearby, and are not necessarily looking for them at the time, yet are pleased to discover them through their requested Google Android marketing services.