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5 Great to-Do Apps for Your Mobile Phone

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In today’s hectic world, we really need a way to keep ourselves organized and to handle all the miscellaneous tasks that come our way in an efficient manner. A few years ago, there was no way to do this other than to carry around a notebook or keep a physical to-do list or diary. In the present world, however, we can do all this in a device with a tiny form factor: the smartphone. It has truly revolutionized the way we go through our hectic lives.

Here are 5 of the best to-do apps for your android mobile phone:

1) Evernote

logo evernote

This is one of the most highly praised note-taking and to-do applications out there. Evernote has been around a pretty long time, and a lot of people have claimed that it has enhanced their productivity by a great extent. It’s a full-featured, free product and can sync your notes across all your devices. However it may not be a great fit if you’re looking for a simple to-do app, as Evernote focuses more on ‘notes’ than on actual to-do lists, which are nothing more than check-box lists in Evernote, and the reminders are not so easy to set. Click Here

2) Any.DO

logo any do

This one came around pretty recently. It doesn’t really focus on ‘notes’ but it is more of just a to-do app than anything else. It has a really clean, slick interface with a blue and white design. It has some really cool animations and generally feels really nice to use. Reminders are easy to set, tasks can be marked as important and reminders are canceled if the task is completed early. The app has a huge focus on the time-sensitivity of your tasks, dividing them based on when they are supposed to be completed today, tomorrow, a future date or ‘someday’. Click Here

3) Wunderlist

logo wunderlist

Wunderlist boasts a really slick interface with a background that resembles a wooden teak panel. Animations are smooth and slick and you can use the app with ease. Wunderlist lets you put your tasks in separate lists. It’s main focus is a category-centric approach, where each list is a category of stuff that you need to get done, which can be work, home, etc. Click Here

4) Astrid

logo astrid

This is pretty much the most popular to-do apps out there. It’s really feature-rich and includes features like being able to share your to-dos with other users, sync your tasks with Google Tasks, get push notifications and more. It’s a really worthy consideration if you are looking for the most features in a to-do app. Click Here

5) Remember the Milk

remember the milk logo

RTM is also one of the more famous to-do apps. It does its job efficiently and has largely the same features as the other apps, although the interface is perhaps not so smooth. RTM specializes in the usage of tags. Each task can be tagged with some tags, which are really contexts. For example, you may have a bunch of tasks tagged ‘phone’ which involves making phone calls to people. When you’re near a phone, you can simply look at all the tasks in that tag and finish them one by one. You can have several contexts based on who, what, where, when, etc. This perhaps makes a lot more sense than dividing your tasks into categories or based on time or something similar, since an ability to tag your tasks is pretty much all those things in one! Click Here