5 Free Android Apps That Can Help Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is crucial for memory, learning, and health, according to a release on the website of Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine. However, getting sufficient and sound sleep every night is not always possible. It’s up to you to seek professional help if you have recurring sleep problems. If it’s just a matter of occasionally not having a restful sleep, you can take advantage of available technology to help improve the quality of your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each time. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, consider downloading these apps for free from the Google Play store and using them as sleeping aids. 

Sleep Better with Runtastic 

Using this free app from Runtastic helps you get a better handle on your optimal sleep duration, maintain a dream diary, and identify the factors that can affect your sleep quality. With the Sleep Better with Runtastic app, you can note and keep track of your alcohol and caffeine consumption, as well as exercise and stress levels, and then correlate these with your sleep quality. Knowing your sleep history and identifying the causes of your fitful sleep will help avoid potential sleep disruptors in the future.   

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep 

Offering tunes that have binaural beats for generating low-speed alpha wave frequencies between 8 and 9 Hz in the user’s brain, the Music Therapy for Sound Sleep app touts the ability to promote relaxation and stimulate the subconscious. Launch the app and then listen to its many different nature sounds and musical themes as you drift to sleep. 

Sleep as Android 

Like Music Therapy for Sound Sleep, the Sleep as Android app makes use of embedded binaural beats in its tunes to effectively promote a relaxed state. This app also serves as an intuitive alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker, complete with a graph of your sleep history, snoring patterns, and a recording of any sound you make while in bed.  


The free SleepBot app is a richly featured sleep cycle tracker that boasts an elegantly designed user interface. The app can reliably record whatever sound or movement you produce as you fall asleep and while in deep sleep, giving you a comprehensive documentation of your normal sleep-wake pattern and duration. You can also use SleepBot as a “smart” alarm clock complete with motion-tracking capability. 

Relax and Sleep 

If you only want a basic app with a selection of soothing ambient sounds and an alarm clock, then opt for the free Relax and Sleep app from Mizu Software Solutions. Its alarm clock integrates with SleepBot. You can choose from over 35 different relaxing nature and mechanical sounds when creating your playlist for lulling yourself to sleep.